788. Ronchamp, Chapeller de Notre-Dame du Haut, Le Grand Portail

Dear David,

"This Saturday I am going to a factory near Tours to paint
on enamel 2 X 9 m2 doors = 18 m2. The time spent
learning from L'Eplattenier is bearing fruit: I'm really ready
for this kind of thing" (Le Corbusier in a letter to his mother)

Thank you sooo much for your beautiful postcards. I was
thrilled when I saw the two postcards with the Claude
Parent's building. I also enjoy his architecture and they are
very hard to find.

Thank you again.
All the best.

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  1. c'est un plaisir !
    ton blog reste aussi une référence pour moi : une belle et incroyable jalousie !
    Best regards !