1356. Gamble Residence, Pasadena, California

Dear Samuel,

This is a vintage postcard featuring the famous Gamble House.
This building is an outstanding case of American Arts and Craft
architecture in which structure, furnishing, and decoration are
all masterfully integrated. It is also the finest surviving example
of the work of brothers architects Greene & Greene.


1355. The Wall House. Groningen, Netherlands

Dear Susan,

"Life has to do with walls; we're continuously going in and out,
back and forth, and through them...The walls heightens the sense
of being just a momentary condition, what I call the moment of
the present" (John Hejduk)


1354. Vila Tugendhat

Dear Grete,

"The desire to be on solid ground is the relict of an authoritarian 
frame of mind" (Ernst Tugendhat)

Best regards,

1353. La Bañeza, Leon. Albergue

Querido José Luis,

La Bañeza es uno de los 12 albergues de carreteras que llegaron
a construir los arquitectos Carlos Arniches y Martín Domínguez
en el periodo de postguerra española. Arniches y Domínguez
fueron dos de los precursores de la arquitectura racionalista en
nuestro país y construyeron junto al ingeniero Eduardo Torroja
el nuevo hipódromo de la Zarzuela en Madrid.
Tras la guerra civil Arniches permaneció en España y Domínguez
vivió exiliado en Francia, Cuba y EE.UU. donde murió en 1970.

Saludos cordiales,

1352. Markuskyrkan Skarpnacks Fordamling

Dear Ture,

"Poetry and art are among the few essential rituals left to us with
which to get life to live" (Birgitta Trotzig)


1351. Markuskyrkan. Interior view.

Dear Hans,

"The project is the only one that has solved the environment
problem in a radical way, by not competing with the
surrounding buildings and instead placing the building in a
park, where it has the opportunity to be its best"
(Jury's commnent on Lewerentz's new church competition
proposal named "Interlude")


1350. Pontevedra

Querido Paco,

En esta vista aérea de la hermosa y monumental ciudad de
Pontevedra se puede ver al otro lado del rio Lérez el prisma
cerrado del pabellón polideportivo municipal diseñado por
Alejandro de la Sota y acabado en 1967. Cuando se terminó el
edificio tenía "un aire cargado de olores, de sabiduría, un aire
transformado por eso mismo, por la Arquitectura", como diría
el mismo de la Sota.

Un abrazo,

1349. Edificio Radiocentro, La Habana, Cuba

Querida Cristina,

La postal que te mando hoy muestra en el centro de la imagen
el famoso Edificio Radiocentro un hito de la arquitectura
cubana por ser uno de los mas brillantes ejemplos de arquitectura
moderna levantados en la isla. Los arquitectos fueron los cubanos
Emilio del Junco y Miguel Gastón y el arquitecto español exiliado
Martín Domínguez Esteban. Este último había trabajado con Carlos
Arniches en España entre 1924 y 1936, destacando entre otras
obras el nuevo hipódromo de la Zarzuela en Madrid en
colaboración con el ingeniero Eduardo Torroja. En La Habana,
después del Radiocentro proyectará en colaboración con Ernesto
Gómez-Sampere y Bartolomé Bestard el edificio FOCSA, una de
los edificios mas reconocibles de la ciudad con sus 39 plantas.
Martín Dominguez vivió los últimos años de su vida en Nueva
York donde se dedicó a enseñar en la prestigiosa Universidad de


1348. Gorni Vozdukh Sanatorium Matsesta, Sochi

Dear Mikhail,

"We are convinced that the new forms of Soviet architecture
will be found not by way of the imitation of the architectural
forms of the past, but on a basis of critical thinking, as in the past,
so now, by way of a profound understanding of living processes
and their translation into architectural form"
(The Vesnin Brothers)

Best wishes,

1347. Andalucia. Metropol Parasol, Sevilla

Dear Tanu,

"I don't see such a difference between art and architecture. Both
raise similar questions such as how does our body communicate
in space?, what is the current state of art in relation to
technology, nature, and our body in terms of communications?
Sometimes that happens in an architectural context, sometimes
in art, and sometimes in a design context." (Jürgen Mayer)


1346. Helsinki, Finland. Finlandia Hall

Dear Aava,

"Aalto was one of the rare architects in our time who could
make monuments: but much rarer was this other gift which
could make poetry out of the everyday, could in the words of the
painter Vincent Van Gogh, give back to ordinary men that
something of the eternal that the halo used to represent"
(Colin St John Wilson)


1345. Kalambaka. Hotel Xenias

Dear Dimitris,

"The building should be in tune with its setting. Both
construction and location "sing" the lives they are to sustain,
but do so with different voices, polyphonically"
(Aris Konstantinidis)


1344. Suomalainen Merimieskirkko, London

Dear Marta,

I thought you would like to know about this beautiful space showed
in the postcard. It features an interior view of the Finnish Seamen's
Mission Church located at 33 Albion Street, London.