2123. Guthrie Theater, Minneapolis


Dear Betty,

"Today as yesterday, history and modernity coexist, 
and the Guthrie, amidst mills and bridges, discovers 
its ambition to become a clear historic marker of the 
vitality and inventiveness of theatrical culture in 
Minneapolis." (Jean Nouvel)


2122. Bremen. Die Neue Vahr

Dear Celine,

"We should concentrate our work not only to a 
separated housing problem but housing involved 
in our daily work and all the other functions of the 
city." (Alvar Aalto)


2121. Chek Lap Kok International Airport


Dear Victor,

"You can not separate the buildings out of from the
infrastructure of cities and the mobility of transit."
(Norman Foster)

Best regards,

2120. Torino. Nuova Chiesa del Redentore


Querido Enzo,

"El diseño estructural por lo tanto no anticipa la forma, 
sólo ofrece un sistema de transformaciones y de 
posibilidades ... es la propuesta de una estructura de 
configuraciones posibles" (Leonardo Mosso)

"No formas sino estructuras de formas. El diseño 
estructural dirige la arquitectura" (Leonardo Mosso)


2119. Sevilla. Expo'92. Palenque


Querida Cristina,

"Las ciudades se asemejarían entonces a inmensas 
acumulaciones de finísima espuma, en la que delicadas 
burbujas transparentes se unirían a otras burbujas 
transparentes, y a su vez contendrían en su interior 
más burbujas y burbujas, que al igual que en la 
espuma se estarían renovando continuamente. 
Uniéndose dos o tres para formar una sola, y una 
dividiéndose en dos o tres, que a su vez…, en un 
proceso sin solución de continuidad." 
(José Miguel de la Prada Poole
La Arquitectura Perecedera de las Pompas de Jabón)

Un abrazo,

2118. Sevilla. Expo'92. Pabellón de Hungría


Dear Attila,

”It seems to me that contemporary architecture 
wholly misunderstands the situation and the creative 
experimenta­tion by Makovecz and others, which 
have opened up an entirely novel per­spective while 
remaining firmly rooted in tradition.”
(Paolo Porthogesi)

"I take architecture seriously. Architecture is a 
stylistic exercise for me, not a servant subjected to 
global economic trends longing for power…but…a 
means to cherish the divine nature in human soul"
(Imre Makovecz)


2117. San Marino. Borgo Maggiore. Santuario Madonna della Consolazione


Dear Carlo,

"The architect must see and know how to see; 
he must know how, under what conditions and with 
what human difficulties his work is accomplished."
(Giovanni Michelucci)


2116. Negozio Olivetti in Piazza S. Marco a Venezia.


Dear Aldo,

“An artist must create an optic, a way 
of seeing nature like it's never been 
seen before” (Carlo Scarpa)

Distinti saluti,

2115. Design Center. West Hollywood


Dear Cesar,

“As far as I know, I am the first and only Black 
woman architect licensed in California. I am not 
proud to be a unique statistic, but embarrassed by 
our system which has caused my dubious 
distinction.” (Norma Merrick Sklarek)

Best regards,