1605. Leningrad. The Narvsky Cinema

Querido Juan,

!Trasunto de cristal
bello como un esmalte de ataujia!
Desde la galeria
esbelta, se veia
el jardin (...)

(Juan Ramon Jimenez, Trasunto de Cristal)


1604. Kobenhavn, Radiohuset, Koncertsalen

Dear Anne,

A vintage view of the Radiohuset's trapezoid concert hall
on Julius Thonsens Gade in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen.
The concert hall was designed to accommodate 1200 people and features an impressive pipe organ built in 1946.


1603. Otaniemi

Dear Erik,

This is another view of the two towers built in Otaniemi
by Siren and Melakari as part of the Aalto university's student housing facility area called Teekkari Village.


1602. Ještěd

Querido Walter,

He aquí otra vista, esta vez nocturna
de la famosa torre en Liberec de la que 
me hablaste y que incluye un hotel y un 
restaurante además de la torre de televisión.

Un abrazo,

1601. Palace of Culture, Leningrad

Dear Peter,

The Palace of Culture in Saint Petersburg (former Leningrad) was a Constructivist project built to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the October Revolution of 1917. From 1933 it was named after 
writer Maxim Gorky and is able to accommodate
2,200 people.


1600. Sanatprium Zonnestraal, Boschhuisjes

Dear Paul,

"Woodland Cabins (1929). The woodland cabins served as
accommodation for patients in the final phase of their
rehabilitation and were set amidst the estate's wooded
expanses. They were built by the patients themselves to a
design by Duiker" (Sanatorium Zonnestraal, 2010, Rotterdam)


1599. Fríðrikskirkjan, Nes, Eysturoy, Faroe Islands.

Dear Arne,

The architecture from Faroe Island has a strong 
influence from both Norwegian and Danish architecture. 
This modern church is able to accommodate about 500 
people and follows well the traditional Faroese's 
architectural spirit of balancing a strong sense of 
community with a unique touch of individualism.


1598. Tashkent. Lenin Museum

Dear Galina,

The former Lenin Museum, today The Uzbekistan History
Museum, is a unique example of Soviet architecture shaped
by a local architectural feature as the traditional Uzbek sunscreens.


1597. Charles Ennis Residence

Dear Rachel,

"I've seen things you people wouldn't believe"
(Replicant Roy Batty, Blade Runner, 1982)


1596. The Queens Dolls House


Dear James,

"There will never be great architects 
or great architecture without
great patrons" (Edwin Lutyens)


1595. The Bank of England

Querido Juan,

"La arquitectura es el arte dedicado al cuerpo de los usuarios" (Juan Navarro Baldeweg)


1594. Baden, Neues Postgebäude

Dear Michael,

The commercial building for the former PTT (Swiss Federal Post, Telegraph, and Telephone Authority) is a very dogmatist building by Karl Moser and Robert Curjel.  Moser was one of the "fathers of Modernism" and a teacher at the ETH Zurich where he became an important mentor to younger generations of architects.


1592. 2300 Silverlake Blvd. The Neutra VDL House.

Dear Jan,

This is an original card printed in 1947 that shows directions to the famous VDL house. When Neutra's office went up for sale he gave away this card to help potential clients and buyers finding the house.

Best regards,