795. Oslo Opera House by Openyourap

Dear Pat,

"We wished to make the Opera accesible in the widest
possible sense, by laying out a "carpet" of  horizontal and
sloping surfaces on top of the building. This carpet has
been given an articulated form related to Oslo's cityscape"
(Tarald Lundevall of Snøhetta)


794. Oviedo. Calle de Arguelles

Querido Luis,

El edificio INP en la esquina de Arguelles con Plaza
Carbayon es un ejemplar edificio racionalista construido
en los años 30 y finalizado en 1942. Sus arquitectos,
Casariego Terreros y el tambien renombrado pintor
Joaquin Vaquero Palacios, consiguieron transformar esta
populosa esquina de la capital ovetense en uno de los
puntos mas atractivos y modernos de la ciudad en buena
parte del siglo XX.

Un abrazo,

793. Goteborg, Gustaf Adolfs torg

Dear Bill,

When finished in 1937, a perfect synthesis through the
harmonic contrast between the classical old facade of
Goteborg Law Courts and the new and modern
extension facade was exemplary achieved by one of the
most important Scandinavian architects: Erik Gunnar
Asplund. This building is the one in pale yellow beyond
the statue of king Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden seen
in this postcard.

Kind regards,

792. Helsinki University of Technology. Main building.

Dear Raili,

"Nothing is as dangerous in architecture as dealing with
separated problems. If we split life into separated problems we split the possibilities to make good 
building art." (Alvar Aalto)


791. Miami, Florida

Dear Bernardo,

"Buildings should communicate something, they 
should be emotional…What a building feels like 
is the important thing. Does it make you laugh? 
Does it make you cry?
(Laurinda Spear/ Arquitectonica)

Iconic Imperial Condominium Building is seen on 
the left side of this picture showing its animated and colorful garden roof.


790. Hotel Mont-Parnes, Athens, Greece

Dear Aris,

The Mont Parnes casino-hotel located on Mount Parnis
at an altitude of 1078 m, rallied Greece’s intellectual
avant-garde of the time. The architect of this delicate
and elegant building was inspired by both modern and
medieval Greek architecture.


789. Palm Springs Visitor Center


"I would tell students to observe very carefully. To study
how thing come about and study nature. See lots of
architecture...get full of it" (Albert Frey)

Ready to return?

788. Ronchamp, Chapeller de Notre-Dame du Haut, Le Grand Portail

Dear David,

"This Saturday I am going to a factory near Tours to paint
on enamel 2 X 9 m2 doors = 18 m2. The time spent
learning from L'Eplattenier is bearing fruit: I'm really ready
for this kind of thing" (Le Corbusier in a letter to his mother)

Thank you sooo much for your beautiful postcards. I was
thrilled when I saw the two postcards with the Claude
Parent's building. I also enjoy his architecture and they are
very hard to find.

Thank you again.
All the best.

787. Montreal

Dear Mark,

The "Big O" in Montreal is one of the most recognizable
stadiums in the world and a masterpiece of modern
organic architecture. Planned for the 1976 Olympic
Games, its 175-metre tower is the tallest inclined structure
in the world.


786. Acropolis from airplane

Dear Nikos,

The white building near to the bottom left corner of the
picture is the elementary school designed by Karantinos
in 1932. A brilliant example of the Modern Movement
and part of the Greek school building program of this
period, this is one of the best-known Greek buildings
of the era.


785. Hotel Borgafjäl, Dorotea

Dear Jeremy

This is a tourist hotel in Lapland that architect 
Ralph Erskine built when he was 34. This building 
was his first job of greater importance. The hotel 
merges with the surrounding beautiful natural 
landscape, so literally that even the roof has a 
ski slope.


784. Segrate, Milano

Dear Vera,

"Everything has a beginning and an end. You. Me.
Architecture. We must try to do the best we can, but
must remain modest. Nothing lasts for very long."
(Oscar Niemeyer)

Best regards,

783. University of Leicester, Engineering Building & Library

Dear Rena,

"The particular way in which functional-symbolic elements
are put together may be the "art" in the architecture"
(James Stirling)


782. M.I.T. Chapel

Dear Enric,

"To me, the drawn language is a very
revealing language, one can see in a
few lines whether a man is really
an architect" (Eero Saarinen)


781. Sagunto, Teatro Romano y Castillo

Querida Ana,

"La arquitectura es ante todo una actividad practica.
Ver las cosas y transportarlas: este es el proceso."
(Giorgio Grassi)


780. Hotel Camino Real, Ixtapa, Guerrero, Mexico

Querida Maritza,

Dijo una vez Ricardo Legorreta que Mexico es un pais
de arquitectos; de constructores, y que el no era una
excepcion. Tu tambien ayudaste a construir mi casa con
tus cuidados. Te estamos agradecidos por eso y por tu

Con cariño,