1740. Lord's Cricket Ground. Media Center

Dear Ryan,

The Media Center was built by a shipyard in Cornwall and when finished in 1999 was the first all aluminium building of the world. The leader designer was Czech architect Jan Kaplický.


1739. Sarajevo Nova željeznička stanica

Dear Miljenko,

The new Railway Station of Sarajevo was designed 
by architects from Czechoslovakia and East Germany 
and finished by Croatian and Bosnian architects. 
Works started in 1947 and ends in 1953. The station 
was declared National Monument in 2018.


1738. Malmo Stadsteater. Salongen

Dear Ingrid,

"We are invited into the dark. Enveloped in the heart 
of darkness that calls on all the senses to measure its 
limits, we are compelled to pause." (Sigurd Lewerentz)


1737. Roosevelt (former Jai Alai) Club, Manila

Dear María Lourdes,

At the vacant lot where today is the controversial 
Torre de Manila it used to stand the Roosevelt Club, 
former Jai Alai that you may remember have seen or 
even visited. This wonderful Streamline Moderne 
landmark was sadly demolished in 2000 but it is still 
remembered by many.

Warm regards,

1736. Haludovo Palace Hotel, Krk, Malinska, Croatia

Dear Josip,

"You have to feel, experience and understand the space's spirit in which you create." (Boris Magaš)


1735. JAT skyscraper, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Dear Jan,

The top four floors of the old JAT (Yugoslavian Airlines) 
building are today occupied by the hotel Hecco Deluxe.
The building is the first high-rise built in Sarajevo and it 
is not a coincidence that its shape resembles the one of a 
traditional air traffic control tower.


1734. Varkauden Kirkko

Dear Erkki,

The parish church of Varkaus is one of the most significant Finnish churches of the functionalist period. The typical bold industrial silo structure is combined here with the more traditional freestanding campanile with natural stone insets in the base of it.


1733. Sabaudia Azienda Agraria O.N.C.

Dear Luigi,

The main office building of the agricultural local 
agency was called "il grattacielo" (the skyscraper) because with its four-story tower was the highest 
building in Sabaudia. The buildings adjacent to it included warehouses, stables, and residential 
quarters for the O.N.C. employees.


1732. Turku Lounais Suomen Maalaistentalo. Abo

Querida Inés,

Hace ya cinco años te envié una postal (la número 951)
muy parecida a esta que te mando ahora. Entre estas 
dos postales se puede ver que ésta última es más fiel al 
edificio original que construyó el gran maestro Aalto. 
En esta se aprecia que no hay carteles publicitarios ni 
en la cornisa ni en la esquina y que los toldos de los 
ventanales de planta baja aún no habían sido instalados. 
Esta postal tiene matasellos de 1932, solamente 3 años
después de haber concluidos las obras.

Espero que estés bien.
Un beso,