2088. Toledo Museum of Art Glass Pavilion


Dear Ken,

"The program of the Toledo Museum of Art Pavilion 
is organized through layers of transparent walls. 
In this way the circulation through the museum spaces 
is enriched by the greenery of the surrounding 
park" (Kazuyo Sejima)


2087. Berlin, Friedrichstadtpalast (Grosses Schauspielhaus)


Dear Max,

This is a vintage postcard showing an exterior view
of the Grosses Schauspielhaus also known by Berliners 
as the "Stalactite Grotto". This extraordinary building 
that was demolished in 1988 was the only Expressionist project built by Hans Poelzig using his own formal language.


2086. Baranzate, Chiesa di Vetro


Querida Cristina,

Esta es una postal antigua de la Iglesia de Nuestra
Señora de la Misericordia en Baranzate a 7 kilómetros
de Milán. La iglesia, muy vanguardista en su época, es 
conocida popularmente como la iglesia de cristal y fue 
construida en los años 1950 con hormigón pretensado, 
elementos prefabricados y cristal. En 2018 fue 
restaurada y consagrada después de una largo proceso
de renovación.


2085. Bagsværd Kirke


Dear Louis,

"What remains, however, is founded by the poets."
(Friedrich Hölderlin)


2084. Lünen (Westf.) Geschwister-Scholl-Schule.


Dear Sybille,

"Education is not just the development of intellectual 
capabilities, not just the achievement of particular 
knowledge and abilities: it is a process which allows 
the bringing together and developing of all faculties. 
Therefore learning must be in harmony with the 
child’s growth and development, and the school, 
like the home, must stand as evidence that the earth 
is a good place to dwell." (Hans Scharoun)


2083. Sunilan lamellitalo


Dear Aino,

The terraced houses for the Sunila factory workers
were built between 1937 and 1954. The residential
buildings featured in this old postcard are known as
Mäntylä & Honkala and include one-bedroom and
two-bedroom apartments staggered according to
the lot topography.


2082. Riola (Bologna) Chiesa di Alvar Aalto


Dear Elisa,

"I do not want to disturb with my project what God
has always done in this place" (Alvar Aalto on his
church in Riola)


2081. Miraflores de la Sierra. Residencia Infantil Cristalera.


Querida Cristina,

“Me parece que en arquitectura hay dos formas de 
hacer: la física y la química. Yo opté por la física, 
en la que ningún material se mezcla con otro para 
producir un tercero" (Alejandro de la Sota)


2080. Saint Mary's Church. Red Deer, Alberta


Dear Nigel,

"Our buildings should symbolize the exuberance of
a free nation that encourages individual effort and
creativity" (Douglas Cardinal)