1784. Group 1 Building, SMTI / University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, North Dartmouth, MA

Dear Peter,

"An architect is a man concerned with building meaningfully. As opposed to someone who is interested 
in building efficiently, or sometimes even beautifully, or as opposed to the whole engineering aspects of building, as opposed to adorning buildings, as opposed to all the ramifications that consultants get into. We often 
apologize for being interested in meaningful buildings, and tend to talk the language of the master builder, or the engineer, or the efficiency expert, or 25 other experts. But we do our profession an injustice in that way." (Paul Rudolph)


1783. Rovaniemi, Linja-autoasema

Dear Harri,

"Inspiration for the design of the roof forms of 
Rovaniemi Bus Station came from Vuoksenniska 
Church, a project I worked on simultaneously in 
Aalto's office" (Karlo Leppänen)


1782. Stadtschloss und Nicolaikirche, Gruss aus Potsdam

Dear Martin,

"The duty of architecture is to turn something useful, practical, and functional into something beautiful" (K.F. Schinkel)


1779. Yankee Clipper, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Dear Raúl,

The Yankee Clipper Hotel is a classic example of the 
mid-century tropical architectural style known as Miami 
Modern or MiMo. Other remarkable examples of this 
style include the Fontainebleau Hotel, the Eden Roc 
Miami Beach Hotel, and the Bacardi Building,


1778. Saint Jean de Luz, Le Casino et le Jardin

Dear Brigitte,

"Form is where light and matter intersect"
(Robert Mallet-Stevens quoting Émile Trélat)


1777. Viljava Nakkila Seurakuntakoti Kirkko

Dear Poul,

The building depicted on the postcard is considered 
to be Finland's earliest functional-style church.
Next to the church stands the Nakkila Parish Center 
built in 1970 by Juha Leiviskä.