382. Convention Center, Reno (Nevada)

Dear Sarah,

"I am an eyewitness to the ways in which people relate
to themselves and to each other, and my work is a way
of scooping and ladling that experience"
(Richard Neutra)


381. Wien mit Hochhaus

Dear Bruno,

The Herrengasse Skyscraper was the first materialization
of the Skyscraper concept built in Vienna in 1935; though
the stepped top floors are visible only from a certain

Best regards.

380. Intra. Casa del Fascio

Querido Paco,

Esta Casa del Fascio fue contruida en 1933 por Luigi Vietti,
arquitecto cercano al circulo del Gruppo 7 y a su lider
Terragni. La frescura y el atrevimiento de esta arquitectura
evocan claramente las obras del maestro de Como.

Un abrazo.

379. Ev.Stephanuskirche in Wolfsburg-Detmerode

Dear Goran,

The Church in Detmerode was designed by Aalto in 
1960. Up in the ceiling the church features nineteen circular acoustic reflectors that evoke beautifully an impression of floating.


378. Eindhoven. 18 September Plein

Dear Richard,

The Bijenkorf (The Beehive) department store in Eidhoven
was designed by architect Gio Ponti and built in 1967. It
took the typical Dutch polder landscape as his inspiration
for the façades that are finished almost exclusively with
ceramic tiles in multiple shades of green.

Best regards.

377. Casa Genini a Breganzona

Dear Aldo,

"To build is a sacred act, an action that
transforms a condition of nature into a
condition of culture" (Mario Botta)


376. Donostia-San Sebastian

Querida Cristina,

"Por si el tiempo me arrastra
a playas desiertas
hoy cierro yo el libro
de las horas muertas.
Hago pajaros de barro
Hago pajaros de barro y los echo a volar"
(M. Garcia Garcia-Perez)

Estas salas que hizoMoneo se convirtieron
en otra cosa y se echaron a volar


375. Glasgow School of Art. Main entrance.

Dear Alison,

"Art is the flower, Life the green leaf.
There are things more precious, more
beautiful, more lasting than life itself"
(Charles R. Mackintosh)


374. Sydney and Circular Quay, N.S.W.

Dear Seth,

"...So this illustrated the most important thing of all, which is that you are able to imagine a life lived by people before you begin to design" (Jørn Utzon)

This is a lovely postcard showing Utzon's Sydney 
Opera House still under construction.

All the very best.

373. Barcelona. Construcciones modernas

Dear Tanu,

“Reflection and action respectively complement and
balance each other and must be alternated. Just like
we need both legs to make steps forwards: action and
reflection.” (Antoni Gaudi)
Here's an interesting postcard
of Gaudi's Casa Mila still under construction.