1460. Communal House, Ekaterinburg, Russia

Dear Fidel,

This building followed a similar scheme as in the very experimental housing project that was Narkomfin in Moscow, also designed by Ginzburg simultaneously with this one in Ekaterinburg. This building however seems to have a more secure future than its counterpart in Moscow.


1458. Bellavista Tegnet af Arne Jacobsen.

Querido Félix,

"Cuando has estado viajando por el extranjero nada es más
entrañable que regresar a casa" (Arne Jacobsen)

Saludos cordiales,

1456. Oslo

Dear Peter,

A postcard featuring the Norwegian National Opera and
Ballet designed by Tarald Lundevall of Snøhetta,
"In many ways life is synonymous with place"
(Craig Dykers, founder of Snøhetta)


1455. Venturi, Scott Brown and Associates, Inc. Design for the Whitehall Ferry Terminal NYC

Dear Andrea,

"Visitors love to access New York from that ferry; just think of what they would have seen. From State Island the terminal facade would have resembled a small, bright postage stamp, and would have frown in size and detail as you approached" (Denise Scott Brown)

Best wishes,

1454. Rotterdam

Dear John,

"I am shaped by the crisis of the thirties and the constant fear of bankruptcy. Frugality, hard work, and business were important to me and have been shaped me as an architect."(Win Quist)


PS. The office building featuring this postcard is the
Willemswerf, designed by Quist and completed in 1988.

1452. Langwieser Viadukt. Eisenbahnbrücke, Chur-Arosa.

Dear Peter,

When built the Langwieser viaduct was the largest railway bridge in the world. It is still one of the most famous bridges in Switzerland and a structure of cultural relevance for this country.


1451. Torino. Mostra delle Regioni: Veneto, 1961

Dear Marco,

The Pavilion of Venice at the Turin 1961 Mostra delle 
Regioni had as its theme "The Sense of Color and the 
Rule of Water" and you can see in the picture that 
color and water were indeed the main forces in it.


1450. Sugar Bowl Lodge

Dear Gordon,

"Architecture is not a goal. It is the picture frame, not the picture" (William Wilson Wurster)


1449. University College Library, Ibadan

Dear Scott,

"We were fated to make a new architecture out of our love for the place and our obedience to nature, and to make it with cement and steel, asbestos sheets. wood above the termite line, glass, paint and some stone later, and not much else". (Maxwell Fry)