561. Aalto Theater in Essen

Dear Franz,

The Aalto Theater was finished in 1988, almost 30 years
after Aalto designed it. It is an incredible building that
wonderfully combines functionality and lyricism. When I
was there, I was very impressed with its elegant deep
indigo interiors and beautiful proportions.


560. Richard Rogers. London as it could be.

Dear Ruth,

"Historically, societies unable to solve their environmental
crises have either migrated or become extinct. The vital
difference today is that the scale of our crisis is no longer
regional but global: it involves all of humanity and the entire
planet." (Richard Rogers)


559. Edificio de la Facultad de Ingenieria. Montevideo, Mayo 28 de 1938

Querido Eugenio,

Julio Vilamajó junto con Oscar Niemeyer formaron parte
del selecto grupo de arquitectos que proyectaron el
edificio de las Naciones Unidas en Nueva York. La
Facultad de Ingenieria de Montevideo es la obra mas
importante de Vilamajó y fue contruida entre 1939 y
1948. Este edificio tiene como claro referente la Escuela
Bauhaus en Dessau. Sin embargo Vilamajó planteó en
esta facultad la idea de "integracion de las artes",
concepto muy del gusto de este magnifico arquitecto.

Un abrazo.

558. Seville. Espagne. Rames AVE Madrid-Seville

Querido Antonio,

Dicen Cruz y Ortiz que un edificio ha de explicarse por
si mismo y que a ambos les gusta dilatar la percepcion
en el tiempo cuando se esta en sus edificios. Ambas
cosas son claramente perceptibles en su Estacion de
Santa Justa de Sevilla.

Un abrazo.

557. Fracavilla al Mare. Cattedrale

Dear Aldo,

"The design of a building like the design of a city, not
only should take into account functional, technological
and aesthetic aspects, but it should make up these issues
so as to achieve an immediate, direct, and meaningful
relationship with each other, the building and the city,
so they are derived from the other, and in any case can
not be separated from each other except through the
artificial forcing of a later analysis." (Ludovico Quaroni)

Best regards.

556. Bremen. Haus der Burgerschaft

Dear Hans,

"Beauty is connected with the form of the object, having
boundaries, while the sublime is to be found in a formless
object" (Immanuel Kant)


555. Bing & Grondahl, Copenhagen

Dear Esbjorn,

The Bing & Grondahl Porcelain Manufactory store
on Amagertorv Square was designed by Finn Juhl, one
of the leading figures of Danish modern design. No
counters were used in this store. The products were
instead placed on shelves, tables, and showcases, as in
an exhibition. All the remarkable furniture pieces in the
store were created by Mr. Juhl.


554. Helsinki. The Town Theatre

Dear Vittorio,

"Architecture is autonomous when it gives law to itself.
Architecture is autonomous when it is subject to the
will and intellectual capacity of the architect only"
(Timo Penttilä)


553. Brasilia. Aspectos da Ponte JK

Dear Sabrina,

The Juscelino Kubitschek Bridge in Brazil was finished
in 2002. Its three arches are inspired by the movement
of a stone bouncing on the water surface.