2079. Százhalombatta. Szent István templon


Dear Stephen,

"The idea of this church is that petrified trees surround
a circular space on which earth and sky meet"
(Imre Makovecz)


2076. Innsbruck. Electro hochhaus


Dear Alois,

This vintage postcard shows the original appearance
of the Innsbruck Municipal Light and Power 
Administration building as its architect Lois 
Welzenbacher had planned.

All the best,

2074. St. Mary's Cathedral, Interior, Tokyo


Dear Koji,

"In architecture, the demand was no longer 
for box-like forms, but for buildings that 
have something to say to the human 
emotions." (Kenzo Tange)


2073. Maison Guiette, Antwerpen


Querida Cristina,

La casa Guiette en Amberes fue el primer
edificio construido por Le Corbusier fuera
de Francia y la única obra del arquitecto
existente en Bélgica. Este edificio es uno 
de los 17 proyectos de Le Corbusier que 
fueron admitidos por la UNESCO como
patrimonio mundial de la humanidad en


2072. Anstey's Building, Johannesburg


Dear John,

"Ansteys. Designed in 1935 by Enley & Williamson 
for Norman Anstey, founder of the elegant department 
store of that name, which occupied the first four floors. 
Two apartments wings soar another twelve stories with 
magnificent views of the city. Cecil Williams, actor, 
playwright and member of Umkhonto we Sizwe lived 
here. Nelson Mandela was disguised as his driver when 
captured on 5 August 1962"
(Johannesburg City Heritage plaque outside the 
entrance to Ansteys Building)


2071. Stockholm Högre Allmänna Läroverk för flickor


Dear Sigurd,

"The genesis of an idea is the result of a compilation
of knowledge relating to the specific problem."
(Nils Ahrbom)