592. 17 Wylde St. Potts Point N.S.W

Dear Harry,

This modernist curved structure is one of Sydney's best
apartment buildings. It was designed by crimean, australian
emigre architect Aaron Bolot in 1951. It is one of the first
buildings to employ a segmental radial floor plan layout.
A little later Alvar Aalto designed and built in 1959-62 a
similar, much higher, structure in Bremen, Germany.

Happy new year.

591. Villa Bianca. Seveso, Milano.

Dear Cousin Angelo,

I found this postcard of your villa and decided to buy
a copy for you. Take it as a little Thank you Card for
trusting so much in me during the design and building
processes of your new home. I am glad to know you
and your lovely family are moving in very soon.
Rest assure that doors will be properly fixed and
everything will be ready and waiting for you.

Merry Christmas to all of you!

590. Hochst a. M

Dear Sarah,

The administration building for the I.G. Farben by Peter
Behrens, features a large hall along which offices are set.
The design of this hall emulates the spatial layout of the
Larkin Building by Frank Lloyd Wright.


589. Stockholm, Drottninggatan

Querida Cristina,

El edificio para los almacenes Bredenberg en Estocolmo,
fue una obra que Asplund construyo despues de la
Exposicion de 1930. En este edificio funcionalista de
influencia mendelsoliana, el gran maestro sueco demostro
que el cambio que habia experimentado su forma de
proyectar con la Exposicion habia sido autentico y por
tanto completamente asimilado.
Hoy dia este edificio aun conserva la delicadeza en la
composicion de sus fachadas, pero desgraciadamente ha
perdido todo el encanto que tenia el interior a excepcion
de la gran escalera que aun perdura.

Un beso y cuidate mucho.

588. Trencianske Teplice. Bratislava

Dear Tom,

Czech functionalist architect Jaromír Krejcar designed
the Sanatorium Machnác. This building is one of the
most important works of functionalist architecture in
Slovakia. Just a few years later he also designed the
renowned Czech Pavil­ion at the Paris Exposition of


587. Budapest. Margaret Island. Entrance of the Spa Palatinus

Dear David,

A Hungarian masterpiece of the Bauhaus movement is
the Palatinus Open Air Swimming Pool in Budapest.
A Simple but sophisticated building complex. One of its
most striking architectural features is the spiral staircase
that provides access to the pools. Its shape shows clearly
its function.


586. The New Sea Wall, Canvey Island

Dear Norman,

The cutting edge Labworth Cafe was built in 1933 to
resemble the bridge of the splendid and ultra modern
"Queen Mary" as seen from the beach. Remarkably
enough, it is the only building solely designed by
legendary engineer Ove Arup.


585. Alessandria. Corso Teresio Borsalino


Este edificio de Gardella recuerda enormemente al de
la Barceloneta de Coderch. Ambos presentan un nivel
de detalles constructivos exquisito, y ambos se
construyeron al mismo tiempo aunque la Barceloneta se
acabo dos años mas tarde. Tanto Gardella como
Coderch estan considerados maestros indiscutibles de la
segunda vanguardia.
“..... siempre he creído que en la arquitectura hay algo más,
algo inalcanzable racionalmente” (Ignazio Gardella)


584. Cuba. Ciudad de la Habana. Hotel Riviera

Querida Gloria,

El Hotel Riviera fue fundado por el gangster Meyer Lanski
vinculado con en el mundo de los casinos y las transacciones
mafiosas. Celebridades como Salvador Allende, Johnny
Weismuller, Ginger Rogers, Nat King Cole o Ava Gardner
se hospedaron o llegaron a trabajar en este clasico del
Vedado habanero.

Mil besos.

583. Berlin Rudow Gropius Hochhaus

Dear Dan,

"A modern building should derive its architectural significance
solely from the vigour and consequence of its own organic
proportions. It must be true to itself, logically transparent, and
virginal of lies or trivialities." (Walter Gropius)


582. Kupalisko Zelena

Dear Emil,

These swimming pool and spa buildings were designed
in such a way that their functionality efficiency and beauty
link the building complex organically to its natural


581. Expo 02. Arteplage Biel-Bienne

Dear Gregory,

According to the architects of this project,
"The site of the great exhibition has been
conceived as a roofed platform jutting out
over the lake, ending in a space with three
towers. Its resemblance to an aircraft
carrier is not a matter of coincidence but
fully intended." The "island"of this futuristic
carrier-like structure is formed by those
three twisted towers featured in the picture.


580. Madrid, Autopista Barajas, Edificio Torres Blancas

Querido Javier,

"Fruto del amor del hombre con la tierra nace la casa,
esa tierra ordenada en la que el hombre se refugia
cuando la tierra tiembla para seguir amandola"
(Camilo Jose Cela, Premio Nobel de Literatura 1989)

Un abrazo.

579. Parque de la Revolucion, Guadalaja, Jalisco

Querido Alex,

El Parque de la Revolucion de Guadalajara fue el primer
proyecto de caracter publico que el gran maestro Luis
Barragan llevo a cabo. La idea era conectar la ciudad
con un nuevo distrito residencial construido poco antes
a traves de un nuevo parque urbano. En ese nuevo
distrito se encuentran casi la totalidad de las primeras
viviendas que Barragan diseño. En la foto reproducida
en esta tarjeta postal se pueden ver al fondo varias de las
casas de dos plantas construidas por el.

Un abrazo y recuerdos a Maritza.

578. Elsdonk Residence

Querido Linus,

Tu hermano Leon es admirador de la obra del gran Le
Corbusier. Tu hermano Leon fue incluso buen amigo
de el. Mira aqui, en Amberes, tu hermano construyendo
un modernisimo edificio de apartamentos de lujo, de
estructura metalica, con escaleras bien iluminadas y
ventiladas, ascensor para cada apartamento,
habitaciones amplias, multiples baños en cada
apartamento, calefaccion centralizada en el sotano...

No, espera. Es solo un sueño, no puede ser tu hermano.
Me han dicho que el edificio Elsdonkse se construyo en
1934. A tu hermano le quedaban todavia casi 70 años
para nacer.

Igualmente un beso a ambos.

577. Hotel Quito, Ecuador

Querido Jaime,

El Hotel Quito fue el primer hotel de lujo construido en
la ciudad de Quito. Desde que se termino en 1960 se
constituyo en el principal referente para la arquitectura
hotelera del pais por su funcionalidad, calidad en los
detalles y riqueza espacial. Cabe reseñar el paraboloide
hiperbolico que caracteriza el acceso principal de entrada,
cuyo calculo estuvo a cargo del ingeniero Alejandro

Saludos cordiales.

576. Heerlen, Markt

Dear Wiel,

Heerlen's local architect Frits Peutz built for the Schunck
Fashion House a new department store in 1935 soon
nicknamed Glaspaleis (Glass Palace). This extraordinary
modernist building meant to be respectful to the next door
historic Kerkplein Romanesque church without renouncing
to the necessary simplicity and functionality of a modern
department store. Its elegant glass curtain walls on three
sides of the building are separated from the floor slabs
allowing natural vertical ventilation by means of hatches in
the roof.

Best regards.

575. The Embaixador

Querido Paco,

El arquitecto de este edificio compartia no solo profesion
sino nombre y apellido contigo. No era, eso si, español
sino portugues, aunque trabajo muchos años en Angola
y Mozambique. En este ultimo pais llevo a cabo obras
magnificas como la Estação de caminhos-de-ferro da
Beira. En el estupendo Hotel Embaixador, de gran fuerza
plastica, se hace notar la influencia de la arquitectura
moderna brasileña de maestros como Niemeyer, Costa o

Un fuerte abrazo.

574. Dalcroze. Schule in Dresden Hellerau

Dear Ludwig,

“Simple things are not always the best, but the best is
always simple.” (Heinrich Tessenow)
I always cherish this quote.


573. Cairo, Kasr. El Nile Street and Immobilia Building

Dear Ivan,

The first scyscraper in Cairo and in
Egypt was the expressionist Immobilia
Building. Designed in 1937 and
completed in 1940, it was then, with
18 floors and 70 meters, the highest
structure in the country.

Best regards.

572. Museu de Arte Contemporanea. Niteroi, Brasil

Dear Adriana,

"It is not feminine architecture; it is architecture by an
architect who loves women" (Oscar Niemeyer)


570. Agadir, La Poste

Dear David,

Thanks to you and to your great blog
archipostcard.blogspot.com I discovered the fascinating
work of French-Moroccan architect Jean-François
Zevaco. It is hard to believe there is not much published
information about his work. Buildings like the
Physiotherapy Center and the Clubhouse both in Tit
Mellil, the Sidi Harazem Thermal Bath Complex in Fez,
the Beni-Mellal Courthouse in Beni-Mellal, or the Fire
Station in Agadir, deserve our admiration and better

Warm regards.

569. Patio del Hotel El Panama, Panama

Dear Sam,

"There is too much conformity in contemporary architecture.
I like to think of architecture as an individual creative
expression; I get more pleasure out of my work if I carry
through my own convictions rather than pursue a dogma
outlined by some other architect." (Edward Durell Stone)


568. Museo de Arte Moderno en el Bosque de Chapultepec

Querido Martin,

"La arquitectura es una disciplina de servicio en la que
se empieza por considerar a la persona que va a utilizarla"
(Pedro Ramirez Vazquez)

Un abrazo.

567. Rijkamuseum Kroller-Muller

Dear Klaus,

"I tell you that the time will come when the furnishing of
a prison cell by Professor Van de Velde will be
considered and aggravation of the sentence" (Adolf Loos)


566. Hotel Xenia. Mykonos

Dear Dimitris,

"We might discover the eternal character of all architecture,
that which is expressed differently in each age but that is in
the end its most interesting aspect" (Aris Konstantinidis)


565. Sarasota Senior High School

Dear Steve,

I hope you enjoy the emotional, yet intellectual nature of
Paul Rudolph's designs. A wonderful architect who also
thought outside the box.

Thank you for everything you have done for us.

564. Sauze d'Oulux. Regione Lago Nero

Dear Mary,

"Only when a work is not explainable other than in terms
of itself can we say that we are in the presence of art.
This ineffable quality is the hallmark of an authentic work"
(Carlo Mollino)


563. Greetings from Chandigarh

Dear Tanu,

"The materials of city planning are sky, space, trees,
steel and cement in that order and in that hierarchy."
(Le Corbusier)

Best regards,

561. Aalto Theater in Essen

Dear Franz,

The Aalto Theater was finished in 1988, almost 30 years
after Aalto designed it. It is an incredible building that
wonderfully combines functionality and lyricism. When I
was there, I was very impressed with its elegant deep
indigo interiors and beautiful proportions.


560. Richard Rogers. London as it could be.

Dear Ruth,

"Historically, societies unable to solve their environmental
crises have either migrated or become extinct. The vital
difference today is that the scale of our crisis is no longer
regional but global: it involves all of humanity and the entire
planet." (Richard Rogers)


559. Edificio de la Facultad de Ingenieria. Montevideo, Mayo 28 de 1938

Querido Eugenio,

Julio Vilamajó junto con Oscar Niemeyer formaron parte
del selecto grupo de arquitectos que proyectaron el
edificio de las Naciones Unidas en Nueva York. La
Facultad de Ingenieria de Montevideo es la obra mas
importante de Vilamajó y fue contruida entre 1939 y
1948. Este edificio tiene como claro referente la Escuela
Bauhaus en Dessau. Sin embargo Vilamajó planteó en
esta facultad la idea de "integracion de las artes",
concepto muy del gusto de este magnifico arquitecto.

Un abrazo.

558. Seville. Espagne. Rames AVE Madrid-Seville

Querido Antonio,

Dicen Cruz y Ortiz que un edificio ha de explicarse por
si mismo y que a ambos les gusta dilatar la percepcion
en el tiempo cuando se esta en sus edificios. Ambas
cosas son claramente perceptibles en su Estacion de
Santa Justa de Sevilla.

Un abrazo.

557. Fracavilla al Mare. Cattedrale

Dear Aldo,

"The design of a building like the design of a city, not
only should take into account functional, technological
and aesthetic aspects, but it should make up these issues
so as to achieve an immediate, direct, and meaningful
relationship with each other, the building and the city,
so they are derived from the other, and in any case can
not be separated from each other except through the
artificial forcing of a later analysis." (Ludovico Quaroni)

Best regards.

556. Bremen. Haus der Burgerschaft

Dear Hans,

"Beauty is connected with the form of the object, having
boundaries, while the sublime is to be found in a formless
object" (Immanuel Kant)