471. Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Querida Luz,

"El paisaje retiene
alrededor del pez inmovil
toda la luz del fondo no visible"

(Homenaje a Klee-J.A.Valente)

Feliz Navidad.

470. Flughafen Halle Leipzig b. Schkeuditz

Dear Leopold,

As you can see in the picture the view over the airfield
is the main theme of this airy and functional new restaurant
building for the Schkeuditz Airport recently finished in
1931. It has been designed by Swiss architect and
Bauhaus teacher Hans Wittwer. Did you meet him over
there? I really hope this building will manage to survive
through this unsettled times we chance to live.

Best regards my friend.

469. Bauhausbauten in Dessau

Dear Sybille,

The Torten district in Dessau was built between 1926
and 1928 for the Reichsforschungsgesellschaft by
Bauhaus founder Walter Gropius. The new district was
organized from a central small square where the tall
cooperative building was located. From there, and
spreading out in concentric rings, two-story row houses
with small gardens behind were laid-out.

Best regards.

468. Terneuzen. Stadhuis

Dear Remment,

In this design for the Terneuzen City Hall there is a sort
of uplift spiral movement feeling produced by interesting
relationships between the different building masses that
make up its structure.


467. Moscou. Maison du Journal Isvestia

Dear Louis,

The Izvestia building is located on Pushkin
Square in Moscow and it was finished in
1927. The initial design was inspired by
another newspaper building project: the
Gropius and Meyer entry for the Chicago
Tribune building competition of 1922.


466. The Dagens Nyheter in Stockholm

Querido Cesar,

El edificio del periodico Dagens Nyheter en Estocolmo
es obra del afamado arquitecto Paul Hedqvist que lo
completo en 1964. Hedqvist fue el arquitecto del
aeropuerto Bromma y de numerosos y magnificos
colegios en esta inolvidable ciudad.

Un abrazo.

465. Turku

Dear Leopold,

I have just arrived in Turku. I'm staying at the new
(still some construction going on) Hospits Betel Hotel.
I read in the architectural periodical "Arkkitehti" that
this building, the one across the alley and the bell 
tower of the next door church shared same architect: 
Erik Bryggman. I will sending you this issue along 
with this postcard.

Regards to Suse and all the best to you.

464. Radiostation du Soviet de Moscou. Chabolovka, 53

Dear Richard,

The famous Shabolovka Radio Tower
is shown in this vintage postcard. The
tower, built in 1922, is 150 meter high
and built from a series of stacked steel
hyperboloids. Originally it was designed
to reach 350 meters (surpassing Eiffel
Tower) but a shortage of steel forced to
reduce its height.


463. Valparaiso. Escuela Naval Arturo Prat

Querida Rosi,

Dice Helio Piñon que el Proyecto revela la Geografia
Oculta. Al Pensar en esa misteriosa Geografia concluyo
que la de Mario Perez de Arce y su Escuela Naval
debe ser su nocion maravillosamente poetica del paisaje
entendido como configuracion armoniosa de tierras y
mares y su sabio planteaniento de la Modernidad
insertada en la misma.

Espero que estes bien.
Un beso.