1991. Aarhus Universitet. Aulaen


Dear Louis,

"I do not venture to consider myself a pioneer, nor do 

I hope that I might justly be classified as a reactionary 

architect. I shall be pleased to be taken as a representative 

of the high average level of Danish architecture."

(Kay Fisker)



1990. The Peace Bridge. Calgary


Dear David,

"I like very much the word passion, because it comes

 from the Latin passio, which means “suffering.” 

(Santiago Calatrava)



1989. The Broad. Los Angeles


Dear Frank,

"Dubbed “the veil and the vault,” the museum’s 

design merges the two key programs of the 

building: public exhibition space and the storage 

that will support The Broad Art Foundation’s 

extensive lending activities." (Diller Scofidio)



1988. St. Benedict Chapel Graubünden Switzerland


Dear Peter,

"When I start, my first idea for a building is with 

the material. I believe architecture is about that. 

It's not about paper, it's not about forms. It's about 

space and material.” (Peter Zumthor)



1987. Harajuku Protestant Church, Tokyo


Dear Tadao,

"The architecture for this Protestant Church is centered 

by a wide nave arranged with six arches and a bell 

tower that symbolically lay importance on the seven 

elements, the seven days of creation, the seven churches 

of the Orient…" (Ciel Rouge)


1986. Arcade of Irwin Union Bank & Trust Company, Columbus, Indiana


Dear John,

"Architects don't take always into account how people find

their way around, or how a building fits into environment, or

how it can make people happy" (Kevin Roche)

Best regards,


1985. Tokyo International Forum. Interior


Dear Eladio,

"The best architecture redefines how things

are going to be, rather than repeating what

has been accepted, or what is already part of

the norm. (Rafael Viñoly)



1983. Maggie´s Centre, Dundee


Dear Monica,

"I think it´s an inviting building, I think people will 

want to come inside and spend time there, and I really 

hope that in some small way it might contribute to a 

sense of rejuvenated vigor for moving forward and 

living life" (Frank Gehry) 

Warm regards, 


1981. Turun Teatteri. Katsomo.


Querida Cristina,

Aquí te mando una postal antigua del interior del
teatro de Turku, obra temprana de Aalto. Fijándome
en la inteligencia del diseño y la elegancia de los detalles
recuerdo la anécdota de cuando alguien le preguntó a
Aalto sobre el módulo de construcción que utilizaba
a lo que el maestro le contestó sin pestañear que 
el milímetro. 


1980. Sanatorium 'Zonnestraal'


Dear Rem,

"Las necesidades del hombre son finitas, solamente
son infinitas las espirituales y estas requerirán cada 
vez más atención" (Jan Duiker)


1979. München. Pinakothek. Trepennhaus


Dear Jan H.,

“Hans Döllgast was truly one of the first 
creative preservationists that we had in 
Germany after the war. Today, most people
have forgotten that he belonged to the very 
few by virtue of whose efforts the Leo von 
Klenze’s Alte Pinakothek was not demolished 
and replaced by something ‘contemporary.’ 
With his suggestion, he showed how one could 
close up a hole torn open by bombs without 
replacing everything as if nothing had happened. 
His repair work strove to let the building’s scars 
remain visible
….It is certain that in the future, Döllgast’s 
modesty of built means and his reverence for 
history will again become qualities to strive for
 – namely when our ideology of perfectionism
has run itself into the ground.”
(Paulhans Peters)


1978. Bilbao. Isozaki Atea


Dear Hans,

"My first experience of architecture was the void of 

architecture, then I began to consider how people 

might rebuild their homes and cities.”

(Arata Isozaki)



1976. M/S Museet for Søfart. Maritime Museum of Denmark.


Dear Sara,

"What a piece of work is a man! How noble in reason, how infinite in faculty! 
In form and moving how express and admirable! In action how like an angel, 
in apprehension how like a god! The beauty of the world. The paragon of 
animals. And yet, to me, what is this quintessence of dust? Man delights not me." 
(William Shakespeare, Hamlet

Best regards,

1975. Cappella Santa Maria degli Angeli. Monte Tamaro


Dear Jan,

"The first action of architecture is to put a stone on 
the ground. This action transforms a condition of
nature into a condition of culture. It's an action
tha becomes holy."
(Mario Botta)


1974. Kobenhavn Politigaarden. Arkitekt Hack Kampmann


Querida Cristina,

El cuartel general de la policía en Copenhague es
normalmente referido como el último gran ejemplo
de arquitectura neoclásica en el norte de Europa.
Su patio circular central de 45 metros de diámetro
está rodeado de 44 grandes columnas de orden 


1973. Chapelle St. Rouin


Dear David,

A vintage postcard of the hermitage of Saint-Rouin
in the Argonne forest still in construction.
Dominican father Rayssiguier, a disciple of Le Corbusier,
was the architect of this little gem, a historic monument
since 1998.

Best regards,

1972. Kobenhavn. Flyve udsigt over Byen


Querida Cristina,

Cuando el cuartel general de la policía en Copenhague
se inauguró en 1924 su estilo neoclásico fue criticado
como anacrónico por aquellos que sentían que el 
estilo que debería imponerse era el Funcionalismo, 
tan en boga en Alemania y otras partes de Europa
en aquellos tiempos.


1971. Barcelona. Panorámica.


Querida Cristina,

En esta interesante postal destacan además de
las conocidas Torres Trade de Coderch y Valls, las
Torres La Caixa de cristal tintado en negro también 
de Coderch en colaboración con Frances Mitjans 
i Miró. Las Trade se terminaron en 1969 mientras
que las Torre La Caixa se inauguraron 14 años 
después en 1983.


1970. Breslau. Tauentzienplatz, Wetheim


Dear Beata,

The luxurious and very modern Wertheim Department 
Store was opened in 1930 and violently closed by the 
National Socialist seven years later. 
Happily, the building survived the war aftermath and 
after several renovations and extensions it was 
finally re-opened in 2009.


1969. Helsinki. The Taivallahti Church


Dear Tapio,

"The church hall was excavated using a 
certain system: first a large pit was made 
while leaving a layer of one or two meters 
un-excavated. The last few meters were then 
excavated very carefully while planning at the 
same tie how to accomplish an acoustically 
suitable surface as well as some angles and 
rough spots for the sake of outer 
appearance."(Timo Suomalainen)


1968. The Netherlands Pavilion at Expo 2000, Hannover

Dear Felix,

"The architecture of the Pavilion suggests
Dutch open-mindedness whilst referencing
stereotypes associated with the Dutch 
landscape: tulips, windmills, and dykes"


1967. The Fagus Shoe Factory. Alfeld-an-der-Leine, Germany


Dear Ludwig,

"A modern building must be true to
itself, logically transparent, and 
virginal of lies and trivialities"
(Walter Gropius)


1966. Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum. Austin, Texas


Dear Bruce,

"Was the overbearing mass of travertine called the 
Lyndon Baines Johnson Library in Austin, Texas, 
finished in 1971, a sly comment on Johnson's imperial 
predilections, or the sad result of Mr. Bunshaft's own" 
(Paul Goldberger)


1965. Tampere Kaleva Church


Dear Rem,

"Pietilä´s avant-garde was, and is, more 
of a philosophical or spiritual quality than 
something merely connected to the
architectural forms" (Kaisa Broner)


1964. Ostankino TV Tower


Querida María,

"Cuando llegas a la cumbre descubres que
no hay mucha diferencia entre ver las cosas
desde las alturas o desde el fondo del mar"
(Rafael Narbona)


1963. Marco de Canaveses


Querida Cristina,

"Un buen arquitecto trabaja despacio"
(Alvaro Siza Vieira)

Un abrazo,

1961. Fourth Financial Center, Wichita, Kansas


Dear Natalie,

"Architecture is at the outset functional, but that 
function must extend beyond the mundane to 
matters of the spirit" (Bruce Graham)


1959. Bergeijk, Weverij De Ploeg


Dear Hans,

"The spatial artist creates the environment and 
proportions appropriate to our time" 
(Gerrit Rietveld)


1958. San Francisco International SFO


Dear William,

"It can hardly be a coincidence that no language on 
earth has ever produced the expression, 'As pretty 
as an airport" (Douglas Adams)


1957. Kolumba, Köln


Dear Sybi,

"Designing is a matter of concentration. You go 
deep into what you want to do. It's about intensive 
research, really" (Peter Zumthor)

(A building I'd love to visit in Köln)

1956. Koetalo, Muuratsalo


Dear Kenneth,

The Muuratsalo House near Jyväskylä is a small 
summer residence that Alvar and Elissa Aaalto built 
for themselves between 1952 and 1954. The main 
idea that inspired this project wast the Ancient Roman 
Atrium that was reinterpreted by Aalto while using
50 different kinds of bricks on it. 


1955. Indiana's Pyramids


Dear Sean,

"On occasion, there is a big gesture, and that's okay,
but I am basically a problem-solving construction guy"
(Kevin Roche)

Best regards,

1954. Arvo Pärt Centre


Queridos Patricia y Curro,

"No es tanto -el menos es más- de Mies, sino saber
detenerse a tiempo, quitar lo que está en exceso sin 
que se pierda la idea original" (Enrique Sobejano)


1953. Vuoksenniskan kirkko


Dear Marjatta,

"Distrust all theoretical systems, sustain your contact
with nature, learn from practical experience, always be
prepared for new difficulties" (Alvar Aalto)


1952. Guggenheim Bilbao


Dear Daniela,

"The best advice I've received is to be yourself.
The best artists do that" (Frank Gehry)


1951. Helga Howie. 140 Maiden Lane San Francisco, CA


Dear Steeno,

This is the Frank Lloyd Wright's store
I told you about the other day over the 
phone. This architect used to say that
freedom is from within when discussing
on architectural design processes. I also
heard this same thought from you 
referred to other contexts many


1948. Arvo Pärdi Keskus


Querida Manolo,

"Los proyectos existen ya, sin saberlo, en nuestra 
memoria. Reaparecen sin que seamos conscientes" 
(Nieto y Sobejano)

Un abrazo,