1957. Kolumba, Köln


Dear Sybi,

"Designing is a matter of concentration. You go 
deep into what you want to do. It's about intensive 
research, really" (Peter Zumthor)

(A building I'd love to visit in Köln)

1956. Koetalo, Muuratsalo


Dear Kenneth,

The Muuratsalo House near Jyväskylä is a small 
summer residence that Alvar and Elissa Aaalto built 
for themselves between 1952 and 1954. The main 
idea that inspired this project wast the Ancient Roman 
Atrium that was reinterpreted by Aalto while using
50 different kinds of bricks on it. 


1955. Indiana's Pyramids


Dear Sean,

"On occasion, there is a big gesture, and that's okay,
but I am basically a problem-solving construction guy"
(Kevin Roche)

Best regards,

1954. Arvo Pärt Centre


Queridos Patricia y Curro,

"No es tanto -el menos es más- de Mies, sino saber
detenerse a tiempo, quitar lo que está en exceso sin 
que se pierda la idea original" (Enrique Sobejano)


1953. Vuoksenniskan kirkko


Dear Marjatta,

"Distrust all theoretical systems, sustain your contact
with nature, learn from practical experience, always be
prepared for new difficulties" (Alvar Aalto)


1952. Guggenheim Bilbao


Dear Daniela,

"The best advice I've received is to be yourself.
The best artists do that" (Frank Gehry)


1951. Helga Howie. 140 Maiden Lane San Francisco, CA


Dear Steeno,

This is the Frank Lloyd Wright's store
I told you about the other day over the 
phone. This architect used to say that
freedom is from within when discussing
on architectural design processes. I also
heard this same thought from you 
referred to other contexts many