1992. Kouvola

Querida Cristi,

Te mando esta bonita postal de la ciudad finlandesa 
de Kouvola con su moderno ayuntamiento arriba a la 
izquierda. Este elegante edificio fue diseñado y
construido por el reconocido arquitecto y profesor 
Juha Leiviskä en 1968.


1991. Aarhus Universitet. Aulaen


Dear Louis,

"I do not venture to consider myself a 
pioneer, nor do I hope that I might justly 
be classified as a reactionary architect. 
I shall be pleased to be taken as a 
representative of the high average level 
of Danish architecture." (Kay Fisker)


1990. The Peace Bridge. Calgary


Dear David,

"I like very much the word passion, because it comes
 from the Latin passio, which means “suffering.” 
(Santiago Calatrava)


1989. The Broad. Los Angeles


Dear Frank,

"Dubbed “the veil and the vault,” the museum’s 
design merges the two key programs of the 
building: public exhibition space and the storage 
that will support The Broad Art Foundation’s 
extensive lending activities." (Diller Scofidio)


1988. St. Benedict Chapel Graubünden Switzerland


Dear Peter,

"When I start, my first idea for a building is with 
the material. I believe architecture is about that. 
It's not about paper, it's not about forms. It's about 
space and material.” (Peter Zumthor)


1987. Harajuku Protestant Church, Tokyo


Dear Tadao,

"The architecture for this Protestant Church is 
centered by a wide nave arranged with six arches 
and a bell tower that symbolically lay importance 
on the seven elements, the seven days of creation, 
the seven churches of the Orient…" (Ciel Rouge)


1986. Arcade of Irwin Union Bank & Trust Company, Columbus, Indiana


Dear John,

"Architects don't take always into account how 
people find their way around, or how a building 
fits into environment, or how it can make people 
happy" (Kevin Roche)

Best regards,

1985. Tokyo International Forum. Interior


Dear Eladio,

"The best architecture redefines how things
are going to be, rather than repeating what
has been accepted, or what is already part of
the norm. (Rafael Viñoly)