2276. Glass House on Ponus Ridge

Dear Christopher,

"This was a great breakthrough for me, to thumb my
nose at my mentor, Mies van der Rohe, and to say that
things should be warmer and toastier and sexier than
they are in modern, square-beamed architecture."
(Philip Jonhson)


2275. National Museum of Qatar. Doha, Qatar.


Dear Iwan, 

"The museum's architecture and structure symbolize
the mysteries of the desert's concretions and
crystallizations, suggesting the interlocking pattern
of the bladelike petals of the desert rose."
(Jean Nouvel)


2274. Millenium Park. Chicago


Dear Robert,

"If you are skillful about certain things, a certain 
careful reaction will come to you. You get an opposite
and equal reaction, as it were. So the order is in how
you deal with the environment of people around you."
(Frank Gehry)