1434. Torremolinos. Hotel Pez Espada

Querido Alfredo,

"Málaga nos mira por el ojo egipcio de sus jábegas."
(Jean Cocteau)

...y gracias por tu interesante novela.

Saludos cordiales,

1433. Hotel DU LAC. Tunis

Dear Louis,

This hotel building is been said to serve as the inspiration for the sandcrawlers used by the jawas in the movie Star Wars Episode IV, A New Hope that largely took place in Tunisia. Nonetheless, the architect of this building, that it is now under threat of demolition, was inspired by the Italian Pavilion at the 1954 Zagreb Fair.


1432. Edificio Inca. Guayaquil, Ecuador

Querido Antonio,

"Las formas y los colores nos acercan a la realidad"
(Karl Kohn Kagan)

Un abrazo,

1430. Potsdam. Schloss Charlottenhof

Dear Jan

"The sole path to modern greatness lies in the study of the ancient"
(Karl Friedrich Schinkel)

Very best,

1428. Schiers. Salgina-Brucke

Dear Corey,

This vintage picture postcard features the famous timber
scaffolding for the bridge. Richard Corey, the engineer who
devised it, miraculously survived a 35 meter fall while
surveying the construction site.

Warm regards,

1427. Water reservoir. Cherkasy, Ukraine

Dear Rem,

"Vladimir Shukhov's technical ideas brought world's recognition to the Russian school of engineering and stay actual to this day"


1424. Glen Harder House after Julius Shulman

Dear Glenn,

"The artist must have an unlimited capacity and range for feeling, an insatiable curiosity and boundless enthusiasm" (Bruce Goff)

Best regards,