654. Helsinki, Museokatu

Dear Wivi,

"We want dilettantism in contrast to routine: the significance of a contribution does not lie in the 
ill-feeling it provokes but in what it gives that is 
truly durable."
(Architecture: a Challenge, Sigurd Frosterus)

Best regards.

653. Unitarian Church, Westport CT

Dear Alfred,

"For me, drawing is sort of synonymous with thinking"
(Victor A. Lundy)


652. Provinciehuis, Hertogenbosch

Dear Hans,

The architect of the building for the Ontario Provincial
Government was H.A. Maaskant. This architect played
a major role in the reconstruction of the Netherlands. He
designed many important buildings such as the Hilton
Hotel in Amsterdam, the Euromast in Rotterdam or the
Scheveningen Pier.


651. Centro Cultural de Tijuana, Mexico

Querido Enrique,

"A esa burbuja que su vida es hoy,
¿Quien la punzó, arrancando preguntas
desmesuradas? ¿Puedes tu respondérselas
hablando del espacio ilimitado,
del principio del mundo, si es que principio tuvo?"
(Luis Cernuda-Anumula, Vagula, Blandula)


650. Planetario. Buenos Aires

Querido Luis,

"En la parte inferior del escalón, hacia la derecha, vi una
pequeña esfera tornasolada, de casi intolerable fulgor.
Al principio la creí giratoria; luego comprendí que ese
movimiento era una ilusión producida por los vertiginosos
espectáculos que encerraba" (Jorge Luis Borges-El Aleph)

Un abrazo,

649. Heilig Geist Kirche, Wolfsburg

Dear Karl,

"Architecture is not merely national but clearly has local
ties in that it is rooted in the earth. Through its forms it
can achieve an international influence" (Alvar Aalto)


648. Aarhus 1941, Byjubilaeum

Dear Bruce,

"Proportions are what makes the old
Greek temple classic in their beauty.
They are like huge blocks, from which
the air has been literally hewed out
between the columns"
(Arne Jacobsen)

I keep looking under my

647. Beograd, Palata Drz. stamparije

Dear Milica,

The Palace of the State Print Works in Belgrade, with
its strong industrial character and powerful composition
of large volumes, became the paradigm of Serbian
modernism in architecture.


646. Parc de la Villette, Paris

Dear Philippe,

‘La Villette aims at an architecture that means nothing,
an architecture of the signifier rather than the signified
– one that is pure trace or play of language’
(Bernard Tschumi)


644. Embajada Americana en La Habana, Cuba

Dear Philip,

Wallace Kirkman Harrison, the leader architect of works
such as the Rockefeller Center, the UN headquarters
complex or the Lincoln Center was also the architect of
the American Embassy in Havana. According to Harrison
architecture was something small, something you can touch
with your fingers.

The other building in the picture in Streamline Moderne
style is the celebrated Torre Olan designed by Cuban
architect Antonio Santana and built in 1952.


643. Potenza. Panorama con neve

Dear Paolo,

“Those who do not take risks are either imitating or
repeating. If they want to invade a new field they must
tackle the unknown.” (Sergio Musmeci)


642. Palma. La Catedral, Vista aerea

Dear Giorgio,

"I know Elias Torres to be a remarkable thinker and
marvelous architect and believe he is one of the most
important European architects practicing today. Through
his extensive public and private projects he raises
architecture to the level of art." (Glenn Murcutt)


640. Dhahran International Airport

Dear Edward,

"It is very important that all buildings should be consistent, that this is the quality of the Gothic 
cathedral, for instance, that we like." 
(Minoru Yamasaki)