1096. The Teikoku Hotel, Tokyo

Dear Richard,

"They all listened and they understood, in a way. But finally the chief rose to his feet and said: Mr Wright, (he spoke very good English) you are a very famous architect. You wouldn't come here and try to build us something that would fall down; and while we do not understand the principles  that you have tried to explain to us, we have confidence that you will do something from which we can learn. You may go ahead and build your building and we will watch and we will hope to learn" 
(Frank Lloyd Wright)


1095. Helsinki. The eastern orthodox cathedral and modern architecture

Dear Carlo,

"Architecture must have charm; it is a factor of beauty 
in society. But real beauty is not a conception of form which can be taught, it is the result of harmony between several intrinsic factors, not least the social." 
(Alvar Aalto)


1093. Humana Building

Dear Fernando,

"Good design to me is both appearance and functionality
together. It’s the experience that makes it good design"
(Michael Graves)

Best wishes,

1092. Hallenstadion Zurich-Oerlikon

Dear Mercedes,

"The achievement of Swiss architects rests less upon
pioneering work in the field of structure and form that
on the love of perfection and quality, in the painstaking
execution of details and in a highly developed sense of
social responsibility."(Jürgen Joedicke)


1091. Brasilia. Vista aerea do Palacio Itamarati

Dear Philip,

"After all, what remains in architecture are the monumental works, the ones that mark history and technical evolution, those that socially justified or 
not, still touch us". (Oscar Niemeyer)


1089. Dubai. Burj Khalifa

Dear Ann,

2010 Burj Khalifa.

Total height: 2,755 ft
Floor area: 3,331,100 sqf
Cost: about $1,500,000,000
Floor count: 163
Elevators: 57
Occupancy: 135,000 people
Parking spaces 14,000

1956 Mile High Skyscraper by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Total height: 5,680 ft
Floor area: 6,000,000 sqf
Cost: about  $522,000,000 (60,000,000 in 1956)
Floor count: 528
Elevators: 76
Occupancy: 100,000 people
Parking spaces 15,000

"Reality can be beaten with enough
imagination"(Mark Twain)


1088. Hotel Jagua, Punta Gorda, Cienfuegos, Cuba

Estimada Maria,

En esta antigua imagen en color se muestra la singular
composicion de la fachada trasera del Hotel Jagua. La
combinacion ritmica de los antepechos ciegos coloreados
de los balcones de las habitaciones forman un gigantesco
mural no exento de ciertas connotaciones neoplasticistas.

Enhorabuena por su libro.

1087. Tbilisi, Georgia. Bridge of Peace.

Dear Pietro,

"To me the ultimate goal of Design is to promote pursuit
of knowledge through objects" (Michele De Lucchi)


1086. The California Aerospace Museum. Los Angeles

Dear Sam,

"An architect is given a program, budget,
place, and schedule. Sometimes the end
product rises to art -or at least people
call it that-." (Frank Gehry)


1085. Hundertwasserhaus

Dear Pat & Dudley,

"Window in rank and file are sad, 
windows must be able to dance."
(Friedensreich Hundertwasser)


1084. Motel El Hidalgo. Valdepeñas

Querido Miguel Angel,

El Motel Hidalgo situado en Valdepeñas planteó
explícitamente el modelo americano de motel de
carretera. Sus modernas líneas horizontales, sus torres
anuncios, sus materiales ligeros a base de madera,
ladrillo y carpintería metálica pretendieron implantar 
una temprana modernidad en la meseta castellana.

Un abrazo,

1083. Oslo. Samfunnshuset

Dear Magnus,

This compelling community center in Oslo is a premature
example of a mixed use building. Built in 1940 the center
houses a conference center, large meeting rooms for the
community, offices, and multiple stores. The compositions
of the muscular but elegant facades are consistent with the
different interior functions.