541. Lima, Peru. Hospital del Seguro Social del Empleado

Dear Mario,

“Architecture should be timeless and convey by its very
fiber the assurance of permanence"
(Edward Durell Stone)



  1. This is a wonderful view of the hospital. I am the son of Edward Stone, and have written his biography for Rizzoli. I wonder if it is possible to get a high resolution scan of the post card? I actually have never seen this view before. My name is Hicks Stone and my web site is www.stone-architecture.com. This interface is not accepting my e-mail address.

  2. Mr Hicks Stone. I like your father's design of this great hospital, and I often visited it years ago. It has an enormous hall and feels like inside an embassy or something like that, so beautiful and 1957-styled. Respectfully yours, Erick

    Es un disenio muy internacionalista y con cierta influencia estadounidense, realmente.

  3. Cuantos pisos tiene? y para que usos tiene la estuctura superior encima del edificio mismo? agradezco sus respuestas. Erick