542. Chantonnay, Piscine tournesol

Dear David,

Thank you so much for sending me more postcards.
Your serie about modern architecture of Rouen is
fascinating. I always enjoyed my old few derriere le
miroir but now I am enjoying also my new derriere le
pare-brise. (just a joke)
This Piscine tournesol is also another little but wonderful
present from you. Do you know the year this particular
remarkable structure was built? 1975 I am guessing?

All the best to your magnificent blog
http://archipostcard.blogspot.com/ and to you too.

Warm regards,

1 comment:

  1. 180 piscines tournesol were built in France.
    Bernard Schoeller is the architect.
    Yes ! the seventies was the date !
    I am happy you enjoy !
    Best regards.