243. Longarone (BL) La nuova Chiesa

Dear Tanu,

I enjoyed very much the other day projects review
session. It was really refreshing for me to see so
many great and enthusiastic ideas. Thanks a lot
for letting me to be part of it.
When discussing Thomas' project you mentioned
Giovanni Michelucci's San Giovanni Battista
church on the Autoestrada del Sole. This is, by
the way, one of my favourite buildings, particularly
because of its intriguing and amazing interior space.

Though this church is one of Michelucci's best known
works, he built several buildings as well. Another
church he did in Longarone (Italy) replaced the old
church that was destroyed along the whole town
in the 60s. A landslide forced millions of gallons of
water over the top of the nearby Dam, killing
almost 2000 people. Longarone was hopefully
rebuilt following the tragedy.

Here I am sending you a couple of postcards of this
church that to me resembles somehow to a dam
(maybe because of the all concrete finish). I like to
think that the ultimate reason for the extensive use
of this material was that Michelucci wanted to
change (metaphorically) the structure that brought in
destruction to the locals into a new structure built to
spread out hope and confidence.

Anyway, thanks a lot again for your invitation. Please
call me back any time you might need some extra

Take care.

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  1. Rafael,
    The church at Longarone is fabulous. Very controlled in its exterior expression. Your analysis of form and material as a metaphor of an historical event is intriguing.
    Thanks for coming.....
    Great blog!