2160. Walt Disney World Swan


Dear Michael,

"The Dolphin is this mountain that has struggled its 
way to thrust out of the tropical rain forest. That's 
why there are banana leaves painted along the side 
of the building. It is a mountain that dramatically 
arose and in the process its heart exploded and the 
water cascades out nine stories down the side of 
the hotel, passing through the five clamshell basins 
to a fountain and eventually splashing into Crescent 
Lake. The walkway from the railings to the 
landscaping mimic waves that splash onto the side 
of the Swan. Two birds were so awed by this epic 
spectacle that they alighted on the top of the waves 
to get a better look and were magically transformed 
into those frozen swans." (Michael Graves on the
design of The Swan and Dolphin Hotels)

Best regards,

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