1979. München. Pinakothek. Trepennhaus


Dear Jan H.,

“Hans Döllgast was truly one of the first 
creative preservationists that we had in 
Germany after the war. Today, most people
have forgotten that he belonged to the very 
few by virtue of whose efforts the Leo von 
Klenze’s Alte Pinakothek was not demolished 
and replaced by something ‘contemporary.’ 
With his suggestion, he showed how one could 
close up a hole torn open by bombs without 
replacing everything as if nothing had happened. 
His repair work strove to let the building’s scars 
remain visible ….It is certain that in the future, 
Döllgast’s modesty of built means and his 
reverence for history will again become qualities
to strive for – namely when our ideology of 
perfectionism has run itself into the ground.”
(Paulhans Peters)


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