1227. Robert Le Ricolais

Dear Felix,

"It is just a matter of arrangement. Physics, with electrons; Poetry, with words. Everywhere wild energies are at hand, so to speak, ready to break loose. No doubt, in most cases our perceptions are obtuse, and to discover these arrangement, something or someone has to remove a veil" (Robert Le Ricolais)


PS. The picture shows a Lemniscate or Funicular Polygon of Revolution (FPR) manufactured by Alvaro Malo at the
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia in 1969.

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  1. The model in the photograph was constructed in 1969-70 by myself and Alvaro Malo. The goal was to have a beam which would deflect upward when loaded. When tested the beam indeed moved upward under a series of downward point loads at the bottom of the structure.
    Professor Stephen Zdepski, Architect