996. Athens, The Propylaea of the Acropolis

Dear Dimitra,

The celebrated Greek architect Dimitris Pikionis, designer of
the outstanding landscaping work on the pedestrian areas
around the Acropolis, wrote an essay in 1935 titled
"A Sentimental Topography". The following is an excerpt from
that article:

"We rejoice in the progress of our body across the uneven
surface of the earth. And our spirit is gladdened by the the
endless interplay of the three dimensions that we encounter
at every step...Here the ground is hard, stony, precipitous,
and the soil is brittle and dry. There the ground is level, water
surges out of mossy patches...You are the landscape. You
are the Temple that is to crown the precipitous rocks of your
own Acropolis."

Warmest regards,

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