736. Holy Monastery of Megalo Spilaio. Greece

Dear Ariana,

The Megalo Spilaio Monastery was founded in 362 A.D.
and rebuilt several times after been burnt down in 840,
1,285, 1,400, 1,600, and 1,934. Nikolaos Mitsakis, one
of the leading architects in charge of the design of the
1930s Greek Modernist school buildings, designed and
rebuilt once again the Megalo Spilaio in 1936. This
remarkable structure was one of the first modernist
ecclesiastic buildings in this country.



  1. Except that historical review, this version Megalo Spilaio never been done in 1936 for sure. The monastery has been totally burned by the Germans during WWII. Then, it was rebuild in the '50s but surely not by Mitasakis death in '41. The current aspect is similar to many Xenia's hotel of the same period but so. Let's try to discover the right architect ! Best. Jean-Francois@Paris

  2. Thank you for your input. However, according to the curators of the Benaki Museum, one of the largest and most active museum organizations in Greece, the Holy Monastery of Megalo Spilaio was rebuilt by Nikolaos Mitsakis in 1935-36.
    Please see
    for further clarifications.