482. Panorama over Stockholmsutstallningen

Dear David,

"Asplund's architecture explodes all the boundaries.
The purpose is a celebration with no preconceived
notions as to whether it should be achieved with
architectural or other means. It is not a composition in
stone, glass, and steel, as the functionalist-hating
exhibition visitor might imagine, but rather a composition
in houses, flags, searchlights, flowers, fireworks, happy
people and clean tablecloths" (Alvar Aalto on the 1930
Stockholm Exhibition)


1 comment:

  1. ¡Qué idea tan genial! Creo que la conjunción texto-imagen es increíble; he llegado aquí buscando el edificio de investigaciones biológicas del CSIC, de Fisac, y me ha encantado.

    Voy a terminar de echarle un ojo, veo que tengo para rato.

    Un saludo.