122. Capri. Punta Massullo

Dear Juan,

"Too much sky, and too much sea for one man alone;
and alas, not enough earth! Yet I already feel that I
love this poor island, as a sailor loves his drifting ship,
dismantled by the storm. Perhaps I also am but a
shipwrecked sailor, clinging to an overturned keel, a
piece of driftwood, a shelf of rock. From the castle
terrace, I survey the sea...I look over the sea and I
feel that I am contemplating from the height of a tower
the piazza of a provincial town, an admirable scene for
the comedy of which Ulysses is the hero."
(Curzio Malaparte)
Juan, "Seek and ye shall find", but loved your improvised
card anyway. Thanks a lot.

Love and warmth.